Welcome to Reiki in Retford
What is Reiki?
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A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, thaet also promotes healing


Relax, De-stress, Rejuvenate, Clear your mind with Reiki


What will happen?

The room is warm, inviting and comfortable and if this is your first treatment I will offer you a seat so that we can talk about what you would like to get from your treatment and I can explain a bit more about Reiki.

When you are ready you will lie on a bed (fully clothed) and I will put a blanket over you and make sure you are comfortable. You will have a choice whether you turn onto your tummy half way through the treatment, or if this is not comfortable, you can remain on your back through out the full treatment. This really is a question of preference as it does not effect the quality of your treatment.

I will then place my hands on specific areas of your body and hold them in that position for approxamately five minutes before moving onto the next hand position.

The whole treatment lasts 50 - 60 mins.

Treatments Available

Reiki first treatment £40
please allow 90 minutes; 30 mins paperwork/talk time and 60 mins treatment time.

Subsequent Treatments £30
please allow 60 - 75 mins

Chakra Balancing £10
(not available for first treatment)
please allow 20 mins

Mental and emotional balancing £10
(not available for first treatment)
please allow 20 mins

Taster session £15
please allow 20 - 30 mins

Mobile Reiki
If you are struggling to get out and about I can come to your home.
(limited appointments available). Within Retford prices are as above.
For out of Retford an additional £5 is charged for travel.

Enjoy your treatment!