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A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, thaet also promotes healing


Relax, De-stress, Rejuvenate, Clear your mind with Reiki


I have tried to pick the most common experiences for you to look at but please remember that the important thing is that the Reiki treatment will be unique to you and whatever you do or don’t feel will be right for you.

“Deeply relaxing, almost mediative.”

“My mind is definitely calmer now.”

“I can think more clearly, my problems don’t seem as big.”

“it’s amazing, I never expected to feel so good...and it lasted for days.”

“Reiki makes the pain bearable so that I feel like me again.”

“The butterflies in my stomach just...flew away..ha ha”

“I have never had such a good nights sleep. I didn’t even wake up for the loo.”

“ I fell into a deeply relaxing state where I could see colours all around me. The colours felt real and made me feel so safe that I wanted to cry”

“The warmth from Claire’s hands was like having a little hot water bottle on me,
it was lovely”

“It felt like a glow all around me, it was nice”

“Yeah, it was good.”